Quantum Flux for iPhone

That game is like the famous and old game “Qix” where the player must (with a bright point) avoid the enemies and draw a series of lines (from a side to other side of the play's area) to close the various zones to get a points and to reduce the mobility of the enemies, until to fill the entire space of play and collapse the space around the enemies finishing the level and going to the next level.

In that game for I-Phone called “Quantum Flux”, the player must draw (with the finger) on the screen, a line called “energy flux”, that line must start from one side of the play’s area and end in one other side of the play’s area, to close a zone of the screen.

The player with the “energy flux” must try to surround the zones with the stars, to get a points, at the same time the player must try to take a look the enemies, that can touch the “energy flux” after who that have close an area and in that way the player lost a life or the game when he lost the last life.

Quantum Flux is the evolution of the Qix , the gameplay renovate in function of the possibilities of the touch screen and the graphic is rearranged in a new minimalistic style.


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