Parsec: Age of Colonies

B2B News   •   6 settembre 2016

Colonize and control planets and asteroids, gain resources, expand your domain and build a powerful fleet to rule the galaxy!

“Parsec – Age Of Colonies” is a unusual 4x with a mix of resource management and fleet space combat, using dice rolls and card decks. We also have added quick and easy trading capabilities, just to add some spice to the overall tense taste of the game. Will you colonize the Galaxy to control its riches or will you use them to move to war against your enemies? This call is only yours!

In PARSEC – AGE OF COLONIES® in order to found a new galactic empire, players must colonize the planets and take control of asteroids, building colonies and cargo ships that will let them extract the three key resources: Titanium, Gold and Energy. Using a blend of strategy and war tactics, you must find the right balance to achieve your goals, taking advantage of the peculiar abilities of your Faction and of the rich deck of Event cards…

  • by B2B Team